The Value of Learning How to Let Go Gracefully

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you”. The Buddha

One of the biggest lessons life teaches us, in its own ways, is the value and importance of letting go.

Be it letting go of hard feelings, letting of someone we love, letting go of pain, or anxiety. It is crucial for our well-being that we let go of the need to control everything that happens around us or to us. There is immense comfort in understanding that there is a reason why things happen in a certain way. We realize this unexpected ways, and they may not always come as pleasant surprises, in retrospect, it always makes sense. All you need to do is allow yourself some time to make sense of things. To do so in a graceful way is the most important thing for your emotional and psychological well-being. Because when you look back, you look back with pride. And you understand that you are a strong person for having dealt with it, the way you did.

When do we need to let go of things/people/situations?

It is time to let go when we start to understand that it is taking a toll on our emotional well-being. When we no longer feel happy or complete. Or when we feel like we have exhausted ourselves in pursuing something that seems to be ever elusive. The minute we understand this, it is crucial to acknowledge the fact that it is important to walk away with integrity and grace. The first step to letting go is acceptance. This is usually preceded by stage of persistent questioning – “why me?”, “why did this have to happen?”, “what could I have done better?”

Allow yourself to get to the phase where you resolve all these questions by simply accepting that you can’t demand answers to all questions. As unsettling as it may feel initially, have faith in the age old wisdom that only time can resolve certain things.

How Do I Let Go?

Indulge in activities that make you happy. Surround yourself with people you love and people you know care for you. Meditate, garden and read. Connect with an old friend, write letters – to yourself and to people you love, listen to music, sing and dance. Find that old hobby you used to love and immerse yourself in it. Keep a journal so that you can track your feelings. Doing things that you love, and which fill you up is the best way to find yourself and to rediscover yourself. It is the only way you will ever make yourself believe, that you can indeed move on and only you have the capacity to accomplish that.

Remember that it is only when we let go of things that pull us down, that we make way for things which fulfill us. It is only then that we pave the way for true happiness. Letting go is not simply about telling yourself or anyone else “I have let go”. It is about flushing out all the negative and toxic emotions that the pain of letting go comes with. It is as tough or as easy you make it for yourself. We know that it is always easier said than done. But what we can assure you is, it is always worthwhile to let go of the cliff you have been clinging on to. Who knows how you will end up surprising yourself? At the end of it all, you have nothing to lose. You will only find yourself – a whole, complete and beautiful person.



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