Dealing with Jealousy, Anxiety and Competitiveness – 3 Emotions That Pull You Down

We have good days, and we have bad days. When you feel positive, the vibes are almost tangible. Everyone around you feels them too, it is infectious. The same goes for negative feelings or emotions. How we feel, is how we make our days. In the world of emotions, there are three distinct emotions which carry the power of a whole lot of toxicity. Jealousy, anxiety and competitiveness. As humans, it is but natural to feel jealous, anxious or competitive, owing to different experiences we may go through. Some would even argue that it is even healthy to feel these emotions. However, what is unhealthy is, when they spiral out of our control, and end up taking control over us and govern our actions.

The basis of these three emotions is broadly a deep sense of dissatisfaction, and a feeling of inadequacy.

You feel jealous, or anxious, or competitive (not the healthy kind of competitive), when you consciously, or subconsciously feel like being you doesn’t feel enough. That is when you look outward and compare yourself to other people. In doing so, you not only harm yourself, you also give out vibes which make your dissatisfaction apparent. Just like it shows when you are happy, it also shows when you are unhappy or dissatisfied. Comparing oneself to others around you, who may be your friends or other people you may like or dislike, you consciously drive ridges into your relationship with them. The envy becomes apparent, no matter how hard you may try to hide it and takes a toll on your friendships.

The first step

is to dealing with these emotions is self-admission. Talk to yourself and confront your own feelings. It is only by talking to yourself and connecting with your feelings that you will have the strength to deal with them. Confront your feelings head on, without any shame. Think of this as an acid test, in fact. If you feel any sort of shame or guilt or anger, you know that the emotions that you are letting fester are unhealthy which need to be dealt with as fast as possible.

Once you have confronted your feelings

find out the reason for which you are feeling the way you are. Would you attribute it to a particular experience, situation or a person? Do some mind mapping to figure this out. One great way to gain control over your emotions is by writing them out. Translating your intangible feelings into words gives them a form of tangibility on paper, and you can be discerning in a more objective way.

“Do the little things”

Dealing with negative emotions, especially jealousy, anxiety and competitiveness can be extremely exhausting. Do the little things which remind you every day of what a beautiful, complete person you are. It is always the little things that matter. Look for joy and happiness in small gestures, in small successes and celebrate them. Remember that you are worth all the goodness that this world has to offer you. Remind yourself that good things are just waiting to happen to you, all you need to do is reach out!
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