5 Reasons why Self-Care is the Best Care

What is self-care? The phrase is almost self-explanatory, it means to be able to care for your own self, to be responsible for your own happiness and well-being and to find all that you need, within and not outside of yourself. To be able to care for yourself is one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself. Being capable of self-care does not mean you are selfish, on the other hand it means you are a responsible and empowered individual who can find his/her own happiness by looking within. It is only when you are truly at peace with yourself that you will be able to care for other people and love selflessly. Being able to care for yourself is the first thing that you should be capable of before having any other expectations from yourself. In this post, we talk about five reasons why self-care is one of the primary aspects of mindful living.

  1. Keeps you healthy – By caring for yourself, you pay attention to what you eat, what you drink, what you think and how serious you are about keeping your body agile and fit. You start being more discerning in your choices of consumption, and make responsible choices for your body, mind and soul.
  1. You are empowered – To be able to care for yourself and look after yourself, is to realize that everything you ever need is right there within yourself. It brings along a feeling of empowerment and invincibility. You understand that once you learn how to depend on yourself, you become your own go-to person! It is truly a powerful feeling that each of us should bless ourselves with.
  1. Brings joy and peace – When you care for yourself, you do so by indulging yourself in small, yet significant ways which make you happy. It may be spending time to keep a journal, it may be caring for your body for fifteen minutes every day, it may be cooking yourself your favorite meal, there are so many ways you can pamper yourself. All this makes you feel loved and never fails to bring you joy and peace.
  1. You learn about yourself – By giving yourself time and caring for yourself, you learn things about yourself you never thought you’d know. It is a beautiful process of self-discovery through which you learn about how your mind, body and soul works. What makes you happy, and content, what are you likes and dislikes beyond the obvious ones you know? Who are you as a person? As you learn how to care for yourself, you will find that your faith in yourself is re-affirmed.
  1. Self-Care is Infectious – One of the best things about self-care is it is infectious. The happiness that self-care brings you will be apparent and it only multiplies when you share it. People you spend time with will find themselves in a warm, positive and loving energy zone, because you will spreading those vibes.


No matter how busy you get, remember to find time for yourself. It will transform your professional and personal life.

Don’t believe us? Try it out and tell us if we were wrong. But also tell us if we weren’t! We would love to hear from you!



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