5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting Inked!

Getting inked in an inebriated state (a butterfly on your cleavage?), or the name of a person who is now an ex, or getting inked simply on a whim, because it seems to be the ‘cool’ thing to do, can be some of the most literally and metaphorically painful experiences. Before you decide to take the plunge, maybe these are five questions you should ask yourself.


1. What is my motivation for getting the tattoo?

To know what your motivation for getting a tattoo is paramount. Understand that once you have a tattoo on your body, it is a lifelong commitment you pledge to it. True you can always get it removed, but also be aware that getting a tattoo removed hurts a lot more than getting one made! Our intention is not to scare or dissuade you from getting inked, but to tell you that it is important to have a sound motivation for getting inked.


2. Am I getting it done under peer pressure?

Of course it is a ‘cool’ thing to get inked. But then, is that the only reason for which you are getting it done? Giving into peer pressure, especially for something like a permanent tattoo, isn’t really a great idea. It is going to be on your body for life, something that will mark your body forever. Remember that it is your body and the choice should be completely yours, independent of any kind of pressure.

3. Am I sure of what I want for a tattoo?

A lot of us may not be sure about what we want for a tattoo, and that is completely fine. There are some brilliant tattoo artists out there who will sit down with you and brainstorm to find out what it is that will suit your personality the most, and sketch out a customized tattoo. The point is, do not get a tattoo just for the heck of it, because it surely wouldn’t be a passing fad. If you don’t have a particular design you are sure of, make sure whatever you decide to get, is something you can live with for the rest of your life. Because like we’ve said before, and we’ll say it again, a tattoo is for a lifetime.

4. Am I prepared to deal with the pain and the healing process?

Getting inked hurts. A tattoo is nothing but a wound. The needle pierces through the epidermis, and the ink needs to be two layers deep. For your first tattoo, if you are unsure about your threshold of pain, get a small tattoo which will hurt you less. The pain starts out as a constant pin prick, and can be endured. It is usually when the outlining is done all over the raw tattoo, that you will experience a throbbing pain. Have lots of water before you get started, and take breaks intermittently to keep having some water.

5. Am I thorough in my research for choosing my tattoo artist/studio?

Get a tattoo only when you can afford to get it done at hygienic and well known place. Check out testimonials of any studio/ artist you may have in mind. Ask friends and family for recommendations. Be absolutely thorough in your research and try not compromising with the cost, because, once again, like we have already said, a tattoo isn’t disposable, it is for life.

Getting inked is truly a special feeling. To have something you identify and connect with, beautifully drawn on your body is a beautiful feeling. Think it through before you finally zero down on getting inked, ask yourself these five questions and that should help you a great deal!



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