5 Best Ways to End Your Day Mindfully

There are ways in which you can begin your day to make it super productive, and then there are ways in which you can end your day to celebrate your productivity and also to make way for a great next day. While these changes in your lifestyle don’t cost anything and don’t take up much time, they do gear you up for a more mindful style of living.

1. Express gratitude

Think about all the good things that have come your way today, even if it wasn’t the best day of your life. Find one thing that you feel grateful, or privileged about, dwell on it and experience the warmth and comfort of that feeling. Be thankful for everything that has come your way and everything that you have mindfully worked towards. Expressing gratitude is the only way to pave way for more moments to be grateful for.

2. Make a to-do list for tomorrow

Keep a journal and jot down what you would like to accomplish tomorrow. Take into consideration the kind of tasks you are setting for yourself and if you will be able to accomplish them in the given period of time. Set practical goals and work towards achieving them. This way, when you end the next day you will have a clear idea of the progress you’ve made.

3. Connect with your partner

Connect with your partner, or a loved one and tell them how important they are for you and how grateful you are to be able to share your life with them. This simple method of expressing gratitude clears up a whole lot of negativity from your system and makes way for positive actions and thoughts, which have a great effect on your productivity.

4. Set things in place for the next morning

Decide what you want to wear, what you are having for breakfast, arrange your work materials and your lunch ingredients. These are simple things that you must always take care at the end of the day so that they don’t eat into your mornings which have the potential to be super productive.

5. Let go and accept

If it hasn’t been one of your best days, tell yourself that it is okay. Accept what happened and let go. If it bothers you a lot, write it out or speak about it to someone but do not let it affect a day which is yet to begin. Make sure you go to sleep with a clear mind and conscience, so that when you are up the next morning, you are all set to take on the world!

It is amazing how doing the simplest things can tap into an inner source of productivity we never even knew existed. Even if we haven’t had the happiest day, or the most productive day, by making a conscious effort to end it well, we clear out the feelings of negativity and dissatisfaction, to pave way for a good night’s sleep, and an amazingly productive next day!



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