Your Everyday Fix for Everyday Happiness

The definition of happiness cannot have any simple answer. Happiness cannot really be defined, or put into words, it is a feeling. The best thing about happiness is, it need not be found in grand gestures, the smallest of things can bring us lasting joy and happiness. Ask yourself, “Am I happy?”, and then look inward to find the happiness you seek. While we may struggle to find happiness where as the truth is, it can be easily created. There are 5 simple ways all of us can do every day, for a fix of everyday happiness and in this post we share them with you. Who thought it would be so easy to ban blue days!

  1. Do something you Love – Don’t just think of doing all those things you love to do, go ahead and do them! True happiness can be achieved when we actually involve ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically in activities we find joy in. These need not be things which are time consuming or expensive. Does blowing bubbles make you happy? How about painting or sketching if you’ve been out of touch for a long time? Maybe write something for yourself! If you love photography, then take out your camera and click away. Happiness is all about living in the moment and doing the things that we love.


  1. Eat something you Love – We say the happiest way to anybody’s heart is through the tummy, and not only a man’s heart! Choose to eat something that you love eating. This is also a great way to assess your eating habits and to make choices to eat more mindfully. But then, a slice of chocolate cake every now and then can be a source of profound happiness and that is what life is all about!



  1. Sing a song you Love – Not all of us are born singers, but all of us do love to sing. Also, it is a proven way to drive away negative feelings by helping us emote in ways that we didn’t think we could. So instead of worrying how you would sound, raise your voice and sing out loud.


  1. Dance to a tune you Love – The famous poet Rumi once said, “Dance, when you are broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” So let your heart free and dance to your favorite song. Dance with a smile on your face as if the world is your stage, and no one is watching!


  1. Connect with someone you Love – Nothing can be more satisfying than having a deep and meaningful conversation with someone you love. Well, actually, the conversation doesn’t really have to be very deep or meaningful. Simply reaching out and letting the person know you are there for him/her and knowing that (s)he is there for you can be truly uplifting. Another great way to do this is to connect with someone you haven’t been in touch for in a while. All it will take is a short email, or an even shorter text message to reach out and say “Hi, how have you been? It’s been long.” The happiness that a simple gesture brings you is worth experiencing.


Being happy is a state of mind. Happiness is everywhere, all we have to do is look for it and in case we fail to find it, then create it ourselves. What are your own ways of creating happiness every day?





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